Our first-ever live demo + Q&A 🍿

If you're new to OpenPhone, want to see it in action or curious to step up your calling & messaging game, join us on our first-ever live demo.

Date: Thursday, July 2nd at 9:30 AM PST.

You'll learn how to:

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈSet up OpenPhone to fit your workflow

⚑️Talk and text efficiently

πŸ‘Œ Stay on top of your professional relationships

🎯 Share the responsibility for a phone number with your team

Register here ‴️

Hope to see you here!

ps - even if you can't make it live we'll send you the recording!

Emoji keyboard πŸ’ƒ

A picture is worth a thousand words. An emoji must be worth a lot too. We're excited to bring the magic of an emoji keyboard to the OpenPhone web and desktop (in beta) apps.

You can now type :calendar: or :coffee: to add πŸ“…β˜•οΈ to your messages.

Best part? These are entirely keyboard-friendly so you don't need to touch your mouse at all.

Just start typing :cal and navigate the list you see with πŸ”Ό and πŸ”½ keys.

Emoji keyboard on OpenPhone.png

Go ahead and add some flair to your communications.

Launch the web app ‴️

Want to get early access to the installable desktop app on Mac & Windows? We've got you. Sign up for the waitlist.

ps - we've launched a lot of features this month. Want a breakdown? Check out our blog.

New in iOS: Search contacts & notes, UX improvements ✨

More updates coming your way today. These came as a direct result of your feedback.

Keep sharing your thoughts and we'll keep building πŸ’ͺ

Update your iOS app to get new stuff ‴️

Search for a contact from anywhere in the app πŸ”

No matter where in the app you are, there's a search bar to make it easy and fast to find the contact or information you need.

For example, just pull down your screen or tap on πŸ” to find the person you want to call, message, etc.

This even works on the dialer screen.

Seems like a small thing, but incredibly useful and powerful if you want to communicate faster.

OP vs regular phone.png

Search for custom properties and notes

If you left a note on a contact but not sure which one, you can now find it in seconds.

Want to see all contacts with a specific tag? No problem! You can search your tags and other custom properties.

UX Improvements

This update is full of little big details to make your life easier.

  • We've moved the new message button to the bottom right corner so it's faster to access and more familiar to you.

New message button.png

  • You can now rename and delete any of your voicemail recordings. Don't like a recording you made? No problem! Get rid of it forever. We've been there ;)

Rename voicemail recordings.jpg

  • There was a crash with contact information not being saved right away. Sorry! It's fixed now and works nicely.

Update your iOS app to get all these updates ‴️

We'd love to get your thoughts and always enjoy hearing from you. We're @OpenPhoneApp on Twitter and you can text us at (855) 746-6304 ✌️

Installable Desktop App Now in Beta πŸ“£

Tired of searching through endless browser tabs to answer your OpenPhone calls? Not anymoreπŸ™…

Many of you have been requesting an installable OpenPhone desktop app. We're excited to announce that our desktop app is now in beta - unlock the power of OpenPhone directly on your Mac or PC πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯

Want early access? Get your beta invite here

Why the desktop app?

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Speed and Stability

You can call, text, and communicate more efficiently, faster than ever before

🚨 Desktop Notifications

Alerts directly on your desktop, so you'll never miss a call or text again

πŸ–₯ Ease of Access

Easily handle all talk and text, conveniently on your desktop

OP Desktop app preview.png

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Sign-up today and experience OpenPhone directly on your Mac or PC!

New in the web: faster start up time, drafts, organize your numbers, and more πŸ’¨

Hi folks, the web app is getting much faster with this update. Plus, we've got some new features for you. Enjoy!

Reload your web app to get all the new stuff ‴️

Speed ⚑️

If you have a lot of conversations on OpenPhone, you probably had to wait for your web app to load on many occasions. I know this has been the case for me. And if you have multiple numbers, that means every inbox took time to load. Pretty frustrating, eh?

We've been making changes behind the scenes, rewriting big chunks of the app for improved speed and reliability over the past few weeks.

This update makes the web app significantly faster.

See how quickly you can go through your inbox (use the up ⬆️ & down ⬇️ keys)

Fly through your inbox.gif

Drafts ✍️

Have you ever drafted that perfect response just to click into another conversation and lose your draft? That won't happen again.

You can now see your drafts in the web app. So don't worry about clicking away or even refreshing the app. Your drafts will be automatically saved.


Delete conversations πŸ—‘

Did you ever want to delete a conversation? No, not just mark it as "Done". Delete it entirely.

You can now delete it right from your conversation screen via the 3-dot menu.

You can block the contact from the 3-dot menu too. In fact, blocking a contact deletes your conversation with them. 🎯

Delete conversation.png

Organize your phone numbers πŸ—ƒ

If you have multiple numbers on OpenPhone, you may want to display them in a certain order. That's now possible. Drag & drop your phone numbers into the order that works for you.

The web app will remember your preference so if you log in again, you'll see your inbox exactly how you prefer.

Reorder your phone numbers.gif

Reload your web app to get new features ‴️

We'd love your thoughts and always enjoy hearing from you. We're @OpenPhoneApp on Twitter and you can text us at (855) 746-6304 ✌️

New in the web & iOS: bulk upload for contacts, instant phone menu, and more

It's hard to start this update with any degree of positivity due to the racial injustice happening.

We stand in solidarity with the black community today and always.

We've donated to these organizations fighting for change and hope you do too if you can:

Check out #8CANTWAIT which is a list of 8 policies to reduce police violence. Find your city and call your mayor demanding change.

We're in this together πŸ–€βœŠπŸΎ

Here's what we've recently added to the web and iOS apps.

Web app updates πŸ–₯

Reload the web app to get them all ‴️

CSV upload for contacts πŸ“‡

Many of you have been waiting for this. You can now do a bulk upload of contacts into your OpenPhone address book.

Even better - you can map the data fields in your spreadsheet to appropriate OpenPhone contact properties.

Want to create a new property to capture more data you care about? No problem!

Upload CSV.png

All uploaded contacts will be available in the "Imported" tab and you'll be able to share them all with your team members if you'd like.

Upload your contacts to OpenPhone ‴️


Instant phone menu πŸ”€

We've recently launched the phone menu (or auto-attendant) on OpenPhone.

Up until now, you had to direct menu options to other OpenPhone numbers.

For those of you with one OpenPhone number, this wasn't practical. You had to get an extra number just to get started.

With today's update, you can have a phone menu while using only one OpenPhone number.

Set up your phone menu here ‴️

Let the calls come through.png

Side Menu πŸ‘‰Tabs

We've removed the side menu and opted for a more friendly tab-based design.

If you have one number on OpenPhone, going to the side menu was a waste of time.

And if you have multiple numbers, modifying your settings was a nightmare (speaking from my own experience here).

Now you can easily get to the phone number settings for any of your numbers and copy your OpenPhone number to your clipboard.

New Phone Number Settings.png

Number porting made easier

Many of you have existing phone numbers you want to use on OpenPhone. We've simplified the porting process.

You can now fill out a form right from the web app to request a port for your phone number.

Port your phone number to OpenPhone ‴️

Port your number to OP.png

Easier to invite team members

Did you ever invite a team member to OpenPhone just to have them join a different organization? This sometimes happened and was very annoying (sorry!)

So we've introduced a concept of pending invites.

If you invite a team member to OpenPhone and they sign up on our website, they'll be prompted to join your organization. Less room for error and, hopefully, way easier both for you and your teammates.

Invite your team to OpenPhone ‴️

Pending invites.png

Add your company logo

See how on the screenshot above there's a company logo?

You can now customize your web app to suit you and your brand better.

Add your company logo ‴️

image (79).png

iOS app updates πŸ“±

Update the iOS app to get them all ‴️

Add custom properties and notes to your OpenPhone contacts

You can now add custom properties and notes to your OpenPhone contacts just like you can in the web app. You can add notes while on a call too - multitasking galore!

Contacts on iOS.jpg

Add pictures of your contacts

It's great to see a friendly face (or a logo) when they call or message. No more empty circles!

Upload iOS contacts to the OpenPhone web app

Want to see your phone contacts in the web app? Easy! If you sync your contacts, you'll be able to opt into that.

image (83).png

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • If you add a contact via the web app, it'll show up in the mobile app instantly

  • We've fixed that annoying bug when pasting a phone number into the dialpad would paste the previously called number (oops!)

  • If you have multiple OpenPhone numbers, going into the inbox of one of them makes that number the default outgoing number for any calls made. No more having to switch that around every time you make a call

We love your feedback

We appreciate any thoughts or feedback you'd be willing to share. What would you like to see in OpenPhone next?

Send us a note to [email protected] or text OpenPhone Support right from the app ✌️

Web app - speed improvements & bug fixes πŸ’ͺ

After a big release on Friday, we took some time to clean things up to make sure you're having a great experience 🧹


  • Optimized the speed of rendering conversation data. If you're someone with a lot of conversations, you'll feel the difference when using the app
  • New shortcut Command + Delete to delete a conversation

Bug fixes

  • When you go into Settings and then go back to Inbox, your last selected conversation in the Inbox is remembered so you're not directed to an empty page
  • Opening an image doesn't mess with its resolution anymore
  • When messaging a contact that has 2 (or more) phone numbers, you'll be prompted to pick what number to message them on
  • A call longer than 1 hour used to have a weird duration shown. That's fixed now
  • Sometimes, when you were sending a new message, the new message box wouldn't get selected automatically. Now it does
  • When you were editing a contact and pressed Esc to close the editing text box, it would take you back to your Inbox. It doesn't do it anymore
  • When you were adding a note to a contact we had a Send button. One of our users, Brandon, mentioned the word "Send" gave the feeling of the note being sent and visible to the recipient rather than an internal note. Good point! That's now changed to Add Note. Thanks, Brandon!
  • Recording voicemail via the web app didn't work as the Save button didn't seem to do anything. It works beautifully now πŸ‘Œ

We hope you enjoy these. Have a great week!

Phone menu, auto-replies, notes on contacts and more πŸ”₯

To celebrate OpenPhone's 2nd birthday we've got a big update for you today.

πŸ”€ Phone menu

We heard that you'd like to be able to route calls to your team members. Something like "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support"

It's now possible. You can set up a phone menu for your OpenPhone number and route calls to others at your company.

Callers can navigate the menu via keypad or voice. So they can just say Sales to connect to your team.

Set up phone menu.gif


The pricing remains the same - $10/mo per user and $5/mo for an extra number.

The simplest phone menu setup (where all calls go to 1 person) is $15/mo

If you're routing calls to, say, 3 team members, that's $30 + $5 = $35/mo

Want to try it out? Set up your phone menu ‴️

⚑️Text message auto-replies

You can't answer every call. Some calls will be missed and texts will be answered on the next business day. Don't let that result in lost business or bad experience.

Set up text message auto-replies for different scenarios.

Customer texting you at 11 pm? Missed a call while you were in the middle of something? Taking time off? We've got you covered.

(don't worry, the system is smart not to spam your contacts if they send you multiple texts or call twice)

Set up auto-replies ‴️


πŸ“ Notes on contacts

You're on a call with someone and want to take note of something they just mentioned so you don't forget. What do you do?

Now, you can add internal notes to OpenPhone contacts right in the web app. If you have a shared phone number, you'll see who on the team added a note.

Noted on Contacts - OpenPhone.png

πŸ‘€ More visibility in a shared number

We've improved the shared number experience thanks to your feedback.

You can now see when:

  • A call is in progress
  • Who on the team answered a call or placed a call
  • No more getting a "missed call" notification if a team member picked up the call (sorry!)


βš™οΈ Phone number settings

Many of you asked us why it wasn't possible to change your business hours via the web app. Or upload a new voicemail greeting. Or set up call forwarding. Fair point.

So we did an overhaul of the phone number settings page. It's now all you want it to be. And a little more.

Web App Phone Number Settings.png

  • Forward calls if you want someone else to take care of them
  • Set your business hours so you can disconnect from work sometimes
  • Create a voicemail (record a message yourself, upload an MP3 file or simply enter the text)
  • Ring duration so you get to pick how long the phone rings before the call goes to voicemail

🀯 Professional voicemail recording on-demand

I'm saving the best for last. You can create a professional voicemail recording or custom greeting by simply typing it.

Voicemail recording on demand.png

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Have a great weekend!

New in iOS: Call recording, who's typing, dark mode 😎

First - thanks for your support on Product Hunt this week. πŸ™

We've got more updates for you today.

Here's what's new in our iOS app.

⏺ Call recording

You can now record your phone calls on iOS just like you've been able to do it on the web and Android. Just tap Record and then Stop.

If you turn on auto-recording in the web app your calls will be automatically recorded in iOS. Enjoy!

And make sure you're staying compliant with call recording laws in your region ‴️

Call recording.png

😎 Dark mode

No app is complete without dark mode. Give your eyes a break when working on your phoneπŸ’œ

iOS Dark Mode.png

πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»Who said what

If you have a shared phone number, you'll be able to see who on your team sent what message. No more guessing.

Who said what iOS.jpg

πŸ‘€ Who's viewing a conversation

You can see who in the shared phone number is viewing a conversation. That might mean they're going to reply. Or just checking stuff out.

Image from iOS (33).jpg

πŸ’¬Who's typing

You can see who in a shared phone number is typing in a conversation. No more sending a customer two messages at the same time. Especially if they're are different. Oops!

Image from iOS (32).jpg

πŸ›Bug fixes

  • You weren't able to copy & paste message content properly. It used to be annoying as the paste option wasn't available immediately. Anyway, that's fixed now!
  • If a message fails to send it no longer randomly disappears. You can now retry sending it.
  • Rating the app used to result in a crash. Not our best look - we fixed that.
  • You used to be able to send a picture into nowhere (aka send an image even if there's no recipient) Fun, eh? That's removed now. But if you used this capability for any chance, let us know πŸ˜„
  • If you used the web app to add a custom property to a contact and then opened that contact in the iOS app, the app crashed. That's fixed for good
  • Fix the displayed app version. A little meta but we thought you should know it's accurate now
  • Fixed the issue where you were unable to set your profile photo. Go ahead and add your pretty face now

We hope you enjoy these. Let us know how we can make OP better for you. Just message us in the app!

Have a nice weekend!🍹

πŸ’« Shared phone numbers, auto-record calls + we're on Product Hunt!

Big update from us today, folks!

We're thrilled to launch shared phone numbers on OpenPhone.

It's live on Product Hunt and would appreciate your feedback and support there πŸ™

You can now team up on your phone inbox.

Multiple people can share responsibility for a phone number. Everyone will be able to call and text from a single number and see what's going on.

How do shared numbers work?

  • When you get a call, the app rings for everyone. The first person to pick up stops ringing for others. You can place concurrent calls so the line is never β€œbusy”
  • Every message shows who sent it - no more guessing.
  • You can see when someone is viewing a conversation or typing. Never send multiple replies to a customer again.

See who's typing in a shared number.gif

Shared contacts

Share your business contacts with people on your team. Changes to shared contacts are instantly synced to all members.

Share contact with your team.gif

How to share a phone number

You can invite a team member to share your number right from the Admin Dashboard.

How to Invite Team Member to Share a Number.gif

If they're already on OpenPhone, that's even easier. You can add them to your number from the Phone Numbers page.

The pricing is simple - $10/mo per member with access to the shared number.

Auto-record calls

We've heard from many of you that you'd like to be able to set all calls to be recorded, automatically.

No problem! You can set this up in your Phone numbers page.

Auto call recording.png

Billing history

You can now see all receipts for the OpenPhone payments you've made right from the Billing page.

Billing history in OP.png

Thanks to all of you who've given us early feedback! πŸ™

We're excited to be launching shared numbers alongside all the recent product releases on Product Hunt today!

Our whole team is available to answer any of your questions, so join the conversation on Product Hunt ‴️

We appreciate your support β™₯️