New in iOS: Send files, videos, GIFs, contacts, and more

Using OP on iOS? It's your day! Check out what's new in our big product update.

Send GIFs via GIPHY πŸ’ƒ

We've integrated with GIPHY so you can find the perfect GIF for any situation. Want to wish your client a happy birthday? Or send a TGIF to a teammate? No problem! Just tap on the / button or type /giphy and search for the perfect GIF to express how you feel.

Who said your business phone should be boring?🀘

GIFs on iOS.gif

Send files, videos, and contacts πŸ“Ή

You can now send and receive any and all types of content via OpenPhone. Want to share someone's contact information with a colleague? Or a quick video? You can even send a spreadsheet!

Send files via iOS app.jpg

Tighter integration with iOS 🀝

iOS now recognizes OpenPhone as the communication app (about time!) so you will see OpenPhone show up as the option for sharing that picture you took or that file you have on your phone. Just go to your camera roll, pick any photo and then tap share. Hurray!

OP iOS support.jpg

More intelligent voicemail playback 🎧

If you ever played back a voicemail or a call that you recorded on OpenPhone, you noticed they'll play over speaker. This isn't great, especially if you're in a public place or dealing with sensitive information. Now, OpenPhone will play via headphones or the speaker based on your selected media source. Thanks to Mallory for this suggestion!

Improved call quality (when your Internet isn't the greatest) πŸ—Ό

We don't always have the strongest Internet connection so we've optimized the bitrate needed for calls. This will allow you to have a great call even on slower networks. Let us know what you think!

Deep-link to OpenPhone from your service 🌟

If you want to deep-link to OpenPhone from your service, you now can! For example, openphone://dial?number=4101234567 would open the dialer with the number you're passing on. Or if you want to draft a text message, use openphone://message?number=4101234567&text=Hello,%20buddy - get in touch if you'd like more info!

Bug Fixes πŸ›

  • In iOS 14 Apple changed how incoming calls show up. To be able to show you the name of the OpenPhone number on the call screen we had to come up with a clever solution. You will now see a tag representing the name of your OpenPhone number on that screen. We still love you, Apple!

  • In certain cases, contacts added via the web or desktop app wouldn't show up on mobile. We know how frustrating this can be. Fixed.

  • Sometimes you'd open the app and it would appear as if you're on a phone call (when in fact, you're not). Oops! That's fixed now.

  • Sometimes you'd get a Missed Call notification while OP is ringing. It wasn't our intention to play mind games, so we've fixed that.

  • Sometimes when you receive a message from a new contact while the app is closed and tap on the notification, OP would open the conversation screen that's empty. No more!

  • iPad users would sometimes get a crash when changing business hours or sharing a message in a conversation. Fixed!

  • Sometimes the checkmark below a sent message would overlap with the date stamp 😬 It's in the right place now.

  • Some of you experienced an issue with adding contact properties in the app. The app would become unresponsive. Sorry about that - fixed!

Get all these goodies in iOS 2.1.7 on the App Store. Update your app here ‴️

And do let us know what you think. You know how to reach us πŸ˜‰

Text us at (855) 746 6304

New in Android: Enriched contacts, notes, delete conversations✨

Android friends, we've good a big update for you today.

Here's what's new in Android 2.3.6:

Enriched contacts

  • We've revamped the contacts experience on Android, allowing you to add custom properties to your OpenPhone contacts.
  • You can also add internal notes to your contacts so you never miss a single detail.

Contacts on Android.png

Google Contacts sync

We've made it easier to sync your Google Contacts with OpenPhone if you choose to do so. Check out Contact Settings right in the app.

Contacts Settings on Android.png

Delete conversations

You can now delete your conversations right from the app. Tap on the "More" icon inside the conversation screen and you'll be able to delete the conversation or block a contact.

Delete on Android.png


Did you ever type something in a conversation and then have to switch to something else? You won't lose any of your drafts.

Drafts on Android.png

Bluetooth connection

We've improved OpenPhone's connection with Bluetooth so that you can use any Bluetooth device for your calls. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Want to get all these? Update your app here ‴️

As always, let us know if you have any feedback. Text 855 746 6304

New in iOS: Snippets, GIFs, easier to block callers πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ

iOS users, we've got some updates for y'all today.

Snippets ⚑️

Tired of typing the same response over and over again? Then you should use snippets (or message templates). You can create, share, edit, and use snippets on-the-go now. And if you made a snippet with the web / desktop app, you'll be able to use it on mobile seamlessly.

Snippets on iOS.png

GIFs πŸ’ƒ

Love GIFs? You can now send both GIF and PNG images from the app.

Screen Recording 2020-08-18 at 02.54.58 PM.gif

Easier to block callers and senders πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Hate spam? We do too! Save time by blocking a sender or a caller right from the conversation screen.

Image from iOS (47).jpg

Delete conversations πŸ—‘

You can now delete your conversations from the conversation list view via the "More" menu. Keep your inbox clean!

Oh, and by the way, this doesn't un-send or delete the conversation for your contact. It only deletes it from your end.

Image from iOS (45).jpg

Update your app to get all the new features 🎁

Have feedback for us? Send us a text! πŸ’¬(855) 746-6304

Oh, and if you're curious to see OpenPhone in action join us for a live demo.

Admin dashboard is now mobile-friendly ✨

As we've added a lot of useful features to the web dashboard, we've realized something.

Many of you wanted to use it on-the-go through your mobile browsers. This wasn't possible before. We had a blank screen.

Well, no more!

You can now launch your admin dashboard on your phone or tablet browser and do everything you expect:

  • Invite team members
  • Add phone numbers
  • View and modify phone number settings like auto-replies, auto-recording, and more
  • Set up integrations (Slack, email, Google Contacts, and more coming soon)
  • Make changes to your billing

Admin Dashboard 2x.png

Check it out on ‴️

Got feedback? Text us at (855) 746 6304 πŸ’¬

New in iOS: Contacts settings, bulk select, and tons of bug fixes πŸ’ͺ

Today's 2.1.5 release has tons of improvements and fixes to make your OpenPhone contacts better.

Contacts settings βš™οΈ

We've introduced a simple Contacts Settings menu with three explicit options for syncing your iOS contacts.

Tap on your OpenPhone account on the top left -> Settings -> Contacts to access them.

  • πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Don't sync your contacts at all (keep your iOS contacts completely away from OpenPhone);

  • πŸ“² Sync locally on your existing device (sync your iOS contacts with the existing device so that if someone calls or messages, you know who they are based on your iOS address book);

  • ☁️ Sync remotely (upload your contacts to OpenPhone servers so that you can see them when using OpenPhone web + desktop apps).

Bulk select for contacts βœ…

You can now select multiple contacts in order to share them or delete them from OpenPhone.

Bulk Delete.jpg

Bug fixes πŸ›

No release is complete without bug fixes. Here's what we've fixed:

  • We had an issue on iOS with calls being dropped in some cases at the 10-11 minute mark. Sorry about that, it's solved now!

  • If you're a user with the issue of duplicate contacts from different devices, it's fixed. You can now disable contacts sync from one of your devices from the new Contacts Settings screen in the side menu.

  • If you're a new user and have multiple devices, you won't have your contacts duplicated between them.

  • Revoking access to the device contacts on iOS didn't remove them from the web app. This is solved now.

  • Rarely, you'd get a notification about a message without the content of that message. You'd have to open the app to see the content of the message. We've fixed this issue now. No more mysterious notifications.

Update your app here to get all the new stuff πŸ“²

Have feedback for us? We're all ears!πŸ’¬


New in iOS: Put callers on hold + lots of bug fixes 😎

It's always a good day when we have an update both for iOS and Android users.

Here's what's new in 2.1.4

Put callers on hold (or call waiting) πŸ€™

You can now put callers on hold. So if you're on an active call and have a second call coming in, you'll be able to either reject the second call or pick it up and place the original call on hold. Neat, eh?

Before and After.png

More details on how call waiting works (if you're interested in the nitty-gritty):

1 - If you are on a call that you've received, the second incoming call will give you the following options:

  • End the existing call and accept the new call
  • Decline the new call
  • Put the existing call on hold while you accept the second call.

While you have 2 calls happening at the same time, you can switch between them. Multitasking at its finest!

2 - If you are on a call that you've made, the new incoming call will give you the options to:

  • End the existing call and accept the new call
  • Decline the new call

3 - Call waiting currently only works on direct (non-shared) phone numbers. If you have a shared phone number and are on an existing call, your teammates will get other incoming calls to help you share the load.

Bug fixes πŸ›

This update includes fixes to the following bugs:

  • Sometimes the badge number wouldn't update after reading a message. So even though you read a message, it looked like you didn't. So annoying. Well, no more. Thanks to Jack for reporting this issue. πŸ™

  • On some devices, numbers typed through the dialpad couldn't be fully visible. We've optimized the dial screen to devices of all sizes. Enjoy!

  • Some of you reported an issue with sending screenshots through OpenPhone. Regular images were working fine. This is now fully fixed - keep those screenshots coming!

  • We also had a completely unnecessary 'x' button in the dialer that was there even if no digits were entered. We don't like clutter so that's removed now.

Update your app to get all the new stuff πŸ“£

As always, let us know what you think and if you have a moment, we'd love an App Store review. We read and respond to all reviews.β™₯️

New in Android: Inline reply, dialer improvements, bug fixes 🌟

Hey folks, we've got a big Android update for you today.

Here's what's new in Android 2.2.9

Reply from the notification itself ⚑️

You can now reply to messages directly from the notification.

If you have a quick reply for someone, no need to launch the conversation screen and open the app, respond right from the notification.

Reply from notification.png

Besides being able to reply from the notification directly, you can also:

  • Mark the conversation as Read
  • Call your contact

Mark as Read - Reply. -Call.png

Dialer user improvements πŸ€™

We've made a lot of improvements to the dial screen to make your workflow faster.

  • Easier to switch between phone numbers if you have multiple OpenPhone numbers.
  • Contacts show up as you enter phone number digits in case we find a match in your address book.
  • Need to navigate away from the dialer screen? That's easier now, too.

New dialer screen.png

Bug fixes πŸ›

This update also includes fixes to these bugs:

  • Many of you told us the sound of the OpenPhone ringtone wasn't loud enough. We've made some optimizations on the ringtone to make sure it comes through loud & clear.
  • At the same time, the sound of pressing dialer keys was a little too loud which was distracting. Fixed that too.
  • If you log out of the app, you won't be getting notifications about new calls (sorry about that!)
  • We had a really odd issue where sometimes, audio playback on call recordings and voicemails could resume randomly while using other applications on your device. We were able to reproduce and fix this issue for good.
  • Much easier to tell when a message was received vs sent from the conversation view. Look for the "You:" prefix. Small change, but handy when you have a busy inbox.

Update your app to get all the new stuff πŸ“£

As always, let us know what you think and if you have a moment, we'd love a Play Store review. We read and respond to all reviews. β™₯️

New in the web: Snippets, Google Contacts sync, Bulk actions, and more ⚑️

We're launching some of your top requested features today, folks. Here's what's new.

⚑️ Snippets

Tired of typing the same response over and over again? Or copying and pasting?

Create message templates for common questions.

Type / in the message box to access snippets and other hidden commands.

  • /snippets to insert, create, and edit snippets
  • /invite to refer your contact to OpenPhone

Snippets GIF.gif

☝️ You can share snippets with the whole team so that everyone saves time and your messaging is consistent.

πŸ‘₯ Google Contacts sync

If you use Google Contacts, you'll be able to sync them with OpenPhone in a single click.

You can sync contacts from multiple Google accounts, too.

If you need to revoke access to a Google account or resync your contacts we've got you covered.

Connect your Google Contacts.png

Connect your Google Contacts ‴️

πŸ”€ Forward phone menu options to external numbers

You can now set up an auto-attendant on OpenPhone with the option to forward calls to external (non-OpenPhone) numbers.

Calls can be forwarded to any US or Canadian number - landline, someone's cell number, an answering service, etc.

Forward calls to an outside number.png

Add a phone menu here ‴️

βš™οΈ Bulk actions + Contacts settings

Since we've made it possible to bring a large number of contacts into OpenPhone, we wanted to make sure you have the tools to manage them easily.

You can now:

  • Share a list of contacts with your team
  • Select and delete a list of your contacts from OpenPhone
  • Delete all of your contacts from OpenPhone
  • Manage and delete contacts uploaded via CSV files

Contacts Example.png

Access your contacts settings ‴️

🍿 Live demo + Q&A

We've started hosting live demos to show you OpenPhone in action and answer your questions.

Want to get our best tips and learn some of the lesser-known features?

Join us next week ‴️

(And even if you can't make it live, we'll send you the recording)

Launch your web app to get all the new stuff 🎁

We'd love to get your thoughts and always enjoy hearing from you. We're @OpenPhoneApp on Twitter and you can text us at (855) 746-6304 ✌️

Our first-ever live demo + Q&A 🍿

If you're new to OpenPhone, want to see it in action or curious to step up your calling & messaging game, join us on our first-ever live demo.

Date: Thursday, July 2nd at 9:30 AM PST.

You'll learn how to:

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈSet up OpenPhone to fit your workflow

⚑️Talk and text efficiently

πŸ‘Œ Stay on top of your professional relationships

🎯 Share the responsibility for a phone number with your team

Register here ‴️

Hope to see you here!

ps - even if you can't make it live we'll send you the recording!

Emoji keyboard πŸ’ƒ

A picture is worth a thousand words. An emoji must be worth a lot too. We're excited to bring the magic of an emoji keyboard to the OpenPhone web and desktop (in beta) apps.

You can now type :calendar: or :coffee: to add πŸ“…β˜•οΈ to your messages.

Best part? These are entirely keyboard-friendly so you don't need to touch your mouse at all.

Just start typing :cal and navigate the list you see with πŸ”Ό and πŸ”½ keys.

Emoji keyboard on OpenPhone.png

Go ahead and add some flair to your communications.

Launch the web app ‴️

Want to get early access to the installable desktop app on Mac & Windows? We've got you. Sign up for the waitlist.

ps - we've launched a lot of features this month. Want a breakdown? Check out our blog.