New: Contact sync between iOS & web πŸ“‡

Since launching the web app, you told us that you'd like to be able to sync your phone contacts with the web app.

We heard that loud and clear and are excited to bring it to life.

Today, this is available in the iOS app.

Here's how it works:

1 - Launch OpenPhone for iOS

2 - Tap on the Contacts button on the main menu

3 - Tap to Sync device contacts

Now, you'll be able to see information for your contacts when talking to them via the web app.

Want to try it? OpenPhone for iOS

Lastly, we've updated our branding and the sign-in screen on the iOS app. What do y'all think?

New Logo.png

Image from iOS (46).png

Web app improvements πŸ–₯

The web app has a lot of improvements you've asked for.

1 - Separate business address book and ability to add new contacts directly to OpenPhone πŸ“‡

Contacts in OpenPhone.gif

2 - Command interface to jump to any conversation Command + / Jump to Conversation.gif

3 - Speed - no more lag when you go between inboxes and conversations

How can we make the web app even better? [email protected] πŸ’Œ

Slack + Email Integrations πŸ“£

With our new Slack and email integrations, OpenPhone can notify the right people or channels whenever any of your OpenPhone numbers receive a call, message or voicemail.

Here's what it looks like:

OpenPhone Slack Integration.png

Here's how to connect your OpenPhone number to Slack:

  1. Go to Phone Numbers in the Admin Dashboard ‴️
  2. Select the number you'd like to connect
  3. Click Add next to Slack
  4. Select the Slack channel you'd like OpenPhone to post to
  5. Click Allow to grant OpenPhone permission to post in your Slack workspace
  6. That's it!

Similarly, you can connect your email to get notified about any relevant OpenPhone activity there.

You can send notifications to multiple email recipients too πŸ’Œ

Add recipient.png


Coming Soon - Shared Phone Numbers πŸ’₯

We're gearing up to launch shared phone numbers on OpenPhone.

It's like a shared inbox, but for a phone number.

You'll be able to team up on responding to calls and messages with your colleagues.

There are so many use cases we'll be able to power:

  • Support phone number
  • Inbound sales number
  • Dedicated phone number for VIP customers that's shared by the founders
  • Being able to share access to your phone number with your assistant
  • Having a shared buzzer number for the office

The possibilities are endless - what will you be able to do with shared numbers?

Sign up for beta access here to be among the first people to try ->

Introducing the OpenPhone Web App πŸ–₯

Since launching OpenPhone ~1.5 years ago, our #1 feature request has been talking and texting on the computer.

If you spend the vast majority of your day in front of a monitor, you'll understand why.

⌨️ It's nice to give your thumbs a break when responding to messages.

🧠Not having to open your phone every time you need to call or message for work helps you stay focused and avoid distractions.

✨ You can get through your phone inbox way faster.

We've built the web app with this in mind and it's live today πŸš€

Check out this 3-minute overview video to learn more πŸ“Ή

To use the web app, log in to your OpenPhone account here:

If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up here:


Web app gets tons of improvements + dark mode πŸŽ‰

Just in time for the holidays, we have some big updates to the web app.

😎 Better layout + dark mode

You told us that navigating between the inbox and the contact list wasn't intuitive. We wanted to make it better.

So we brought it together in a more streamlined layout. You can now see information about the person you're talking to on the right-hand side.

And we now have dark mode.πŸŽ‰

Dark Mode.gif

🎹 More keyboard shortcuts

  • Press Up and Down keys to preview conversations without marking them as read. Then press Enter to reply
  • E to mark a conversation as Done
  • U to mark a conversation as Unread
  • Press D for the dialer
  • / to search contacts

πŸ•΅πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Search contacts by company

Other than searching by name, you can now search by company name. Want to see who you can contact at a specific company? Just enter /.

Search by Company.gif

πŸŽ† Inbox zero

When you've responded and marked as done all conversations in the inbox, we wanted to show you something fun.

From now on you'll see an image and fun fact of the day when you're at Inbox zero. You can also see it when you have nothing unread.

Inbox Zero.png

Want to try the web app? Sign up here:

Faster, smoother voicemail recording on iOS πŸŽ™

First impressions matter. When it comes to your business phone, your voicemail greeting makes that impression.

We wanted to make recording your perfect voicemail incredibly fast and smooth.

Here's what it looks like now:

  • No more clunky UI
  • No bugs (sorry!)
  • Much higher quality

Update your OpenPhone app (iOS) here πŸ‘‰

Happy recording!πŸŽ™

Web app (beta) gets more updates you've asked for

To those of you using the beta version already, thanks so much for your feedback and comments! Keep it coming and we'll keep the updates coming!

Here's what we added to the web app today.

πŸ””Chrome push notifications

You now receive browser notifications for calls and messages. No need to hit "refresh", have OpenPhone web app tab active or worry about missing anything!

Chrome Notifications.gif

πŸ–‡Copy numbers easily

You can also easily copy the phone number of the contact that sent you a message.

The number is copied in the E.164 international format to make your life easier.

Copy Phone Number.png

✨Manage multiple OpenPhone numbers

If you have multiple OpenPhone numbers, you now know what phone number received the message. When you respond or call, that number will be used. No funky switching anymore!

You can choose what number to make a call from when accessing the dialer.

Choose the number.png

πŸ’―See all numbers on your account

Whether you have one or many numbers, sometimes you just need to verify you're giving the right number. We've made it super easy to copy & paste it right from your account page.

Simply click on your account on the top left and see all your numbers.

My phone numbers.png

Want to try the web app in beta as well? Fill out this form:

OpenPhone for Teams + Admin Dashboard

Some exciting updates from our team as we get into December.

πŸ‘₯Get OpenPhone numbers for your team members

Don't ask your employees to use their personal phone numbers for work. Give them supercharged business phone numbers instead.

Invite your colleagues and they'll be able to get their business phone numbers in seconds. Invite Team Member to OpenPhone.gif

  • Protect your team members' privacy
  • Issue company-owned phone numbers
  • Simplify employee onboarding and offboarding

Invite your team here πŸ‘‰

βš™οΈAdmin Dashboard

You can now control everything about your OpenPhone account from the web.

  • Manage your billing and account information
  • See all phone numbers you own
  • Invite team members

Log in to your dashboard here πŸ‘‰

One place for all product updates

We've been working on lots of updates and exciting new features. We thought it was time to give them a home. This way, you can go to one place to see what we're up to. Stay tuned. ✨