OpenPhone updates
OpenPhone updates

New in iOS 3.0.4 - lots of bug fixes & UX delighters 📲





First iOS app release of 2021 - here we go, folks!💪

Lots of fixes in this update, big and small:

  • Using OpenPhone on speaker caused an echo for some of you. So sorry! Fixed.
  • Some links shared in conversations wouldn't be clickable. Oops! No more.
  • If you muted a phone number, you'd still receive voicemail notifications coming into it. While it's nice to be informed, you wanted to get some peace and quiet when muting that number. All sorted now - enjoy no notifications when you're on mute.
  • If you had a group chat, it wasn't always clear who said what from the conversation screen. Fixed!
  • Speaking of all things grouping - messages in conversations weren't grouped optimally in the interface. We're modified this so you are never guessing the timeline of communications.
  • Pasting links from Safari added a random .txt file that did nothing. Sorry! Fixed.

We've also made some improvements to deeplinking and a lot of other small (but mighty) UI changes to make OpenPhone better for you. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Update your iOS app here ⤴️

PS - did you know we're hiring? We've got roles available on pretty much all teams. Check out our Careers page here.