OpenPhone updates
OpenPhone updates

New in iOS 3.0.6 - lots of UX improvements and polish 💅





Hey folks! We've got lots of user experience improvements inside for you.

Let's dig in:

  • We've made some changes to typography and iconography to make the look & feel more polished
  • We've reduced the height for some cell rows. This way, you can see more information on the screen and spend less time scrolling
  • We've changed the positioning of the "unread dot" in the navbar from top right to top left. This way, you can easily tell whether you're on "Do not Disturb" or not and how many unread conversations you have.
  • We found it annoying that the most recent message was never grouped with others. No more!
  • In some cases, the OpenPhone badge notification would show that there are unread conversations, even though they've been all read. Fixed.
  • Sharing contacts externally was not working. Sorry! Fixed now. Thanks for noticing, Jeff!
  • Made changes to deeplinking, allowing you to dial phone numbers directly on OpenPhone. So if you have a product and want to allow your users to place calls via OpenPhone, it's as easy as adding 1 line of code now. Learn more here.

Want to get all the goodies?

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