OpenPhone updates
OpenPhone updates

New in iOS 3.1.0 - speed, new conversation UI, lots of bug fixes 🎁





Hey all! This update is packed with improvements to the user experience and performance of the app.

What's new

  • We noticed that for those of you with a lot of conversations, the app was getting slow and screens were taking a while to load. Well, no more. This update will make your inbox blazing fast. Don't take our word for it - give it a try and let us know what you think!
  • We've completely rebuilt the conversation screen. You'll see it has a slick new design, has been optimized for speed, and is ready for some of the new features we're working on (stay tuned!)

New iOS UI.png

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue with voicemail upload where it wasn't converted to MP3 properly.
  • Fixed the issue where the audio output would switch from Bluetooth to the internal microphone on incoming calls.
  • Fixed the issue where in some cases you were seeing your own name on the calling screen (as opposed to the contact the number belongs to). Oops! Thanks for flagging this.
  • Some of you reported inconsistency between the way the number of notifications is displayed on iOS and our web / desktop apps. Shouldn't be the case anymore!
  • Fixed the issue with contacts sync not working properly between iOS and the web / desktop apps. If any of you had issues keeping your contacts in sync, let us know how this update goes.
  • Fixed the issue with the speakerphone button not working on Apple iPad Mini and iPad Pro.

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