OpenPhone updates
OpenPhone updates

New in iOS 3.2.2 - sort by last name, delete call recordings, and more!





Hello again from your friends at OpenPhone! Today's release is jam-packed with fixes and improvements, so you'll want to give this a read:

What's new

  • A “sort by last name” option was added to settings! Sorry, Aaron; your reign of terror is over.
  • Delete a call recording by long-pressing and selecting the aptly named “delete recording” button. Because some calls just aren't worth revisiting.
  • Now you can visit a contact’s details page to see where—and with whom—they’ve been shared. We're all about visibility and context here.
  • "Edit" and "delete" options were added to the long-press menu for messages in internal threads. Nobody needs to know…
  • Did you forget which email you use with your OpenPhone account? Well, now you can find it on your profile page.

Bug fixes

  • Removed the bird and bee emojis as randomized substitutes for numbers without an emoji assigned. We’re not ready to have that talk with you yet.
  • Were you told “the operation couldn’t be completed” when trying to record an outgoing voicemail message? That's been fixed, so go complete that operation!
  • OpenPhone would sometimes freeze immediately after opening. We’ve given it some coaching and it's much more confident now.
  • Comment reactions now get added to the message you actually selected—not the top-level comment it falls under.
  • We stopped adding random area codes to 7-digit numbers. Sorry for being creative…
  • Solved an issue where the input and navigation bars became hidden after tapping through a notification.
  • Changes to contact templates now sync properly across your devices.
  • Scrolling through contacts using the alphabet scroll bar now (actually) works.

This update will start rolling out today, so keep a lookout!

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