OpenPhone updates
OpenPhone updates

New in iOS: Send files, videos, GIFs, contacts, and more





Using OP on iOS? It's your day! Check out what's new in our big product update.

Send GIFs via GIPHY πŸ’ƒ

We've integrated with GIPHY so you can find the perfect GIF for any situation. Want to wish your client a happy birthday? Or send a TGIF to a teammate? No problem! Just tap on the / button or type /giphy and search for the perfect GIF to express how you feel.

Who said your business phone should be boring?🀘

GIFs on iOS.gif

Send files, videos, and contacts πŸ“Ή

You can now send and receive any and all types of content via OpenPhone. Want to share someone's contact information with a colleague? Or a quick video? You can even send a spreadsheet!

Send files via iOS app.jpg

Tighter integration with iOS 🀝

iOS now recognizes OpenPhone as the communication app (about time!) so you will see OpenPhone show up as the option for sharing that picture you took or that file you have on your phone. Just go to your camera roll, pick any photo and then tap share. Hurray!

OP iOS support.jpg

More intelligent voicemail playback 🎧

If you ever played back a voicemail or a call that you recorded on OpenPhone, you noticed they'll play over speaker. This isn't great, especially if you're in a public place or dealing with sensitive information. Now, OpenPhone will play via headphones or the speaker based on your selected media source. Thanks to Mallory for this suggestion!

Improved call quality (when your Internet isn't the greatest) πŸ—Ό

We don't always have the strongest Internet connection so we've optimized the bitrate needed for calls. This will allow you to have a great call even on slower networks. Let us know what you think!

Deep-link to OpenPhone from your service 🌟

If you want to deep-link to OpenPhone from your service, you now can! For example, openphone://dial?number=4101234567 would open the dialer with the number you're passing on. Or if you want to draft a text message, use openphone://message?number=4101234567&text=Hello,%20buddy - get in touch if you'd like more info!

Bug Fixes πŸ›

  • In iOS 14 Apple changed how incoming calls show up. To be able to show you the name of the OpenPhone number on the call screen we had to come up with a clever solution. You will now see a tag representing the name of your OpenPhone number on that screen. We still love you, Apple!

  • In certain cases, contacts added via the web or desktop app wouldn't show up on mobile. We know how frustrating this can be. Fixed.

  • Sometimes you'd open the app and it would appear as if you're on a phone call (when in fact, you're not). Oops! That's fixed now.

  • Sometimes you'd get a Missed Call notification while OP is ringing. It wasn't our intention to play mind games, so we've fixed that.

  • Sometimes when you receive a message from a new contact while the app is closed and tap on the notification, OP would open the conversation screen that's empty. No more!

  • iPad users would sometimes get a crash when changing business hours or sharing a message in a conversation. Fixed!

  • Sometimes the checkmark below a sent message would overlap with the date stamp 😬 It's in the right place now.

  • Some of you experienced an issue with adding contact properties in the app. The app would become unresponsive. Sorry about that - fixed!

Get all these goodies in iOS 2.1.7 on the App Store. Update your app here ‴️

And do let us know what you think. You know how to reach us πŸ˜‰

Text us at (855) 746 6304