OpenPhone updates
OpenPhone updates

New on iOS: A big heap of updates and quality of life improvements ✨





Golly, we sure do ship a lot. Hopefully you're not getting tired of these, because today's update is chock-full of goodness for our friends on iOS.

What's new

  • Call transfers got a big overhaul. Now you can select -any- number in your workspace and even see their names and symbols. ezgif-4-b8218ca1c3e7.gif

  • We integrated with Siri so you can use commands like "Hey Siri, call Jordan with OpenPhone." I can't wait to hear from you.

  • Long-press any OpenPhone notification to see some handy quick actions. Fewer steps mean faster responses.


  • Visiting the Activity tab now clears the red dot from your OpenPhone icon. Don't worry—blue 'unread' dots won't clear until you actually tap in.

  • Now you can have recent calls from OpenPhone appear alongside regular calls in the "Recents" tab of your "Phone" app. Check settings for that.

  • You can enable or disable international calls and automatic call recording directly from your phone number settings.


  • Long-press any phone number in any app to find the new "OpenPhone 📞" option. That's right—you can now make OpenPhone calls from anywhere!

Bug fixes

  • We stopped adding a string of random characters to your copied-and-pasted links. That was my idea. Sorry.