OpenPhone updates
OpenPhone updates

Our $14M Series A Round and a Massive Product Launch 🚀





Hey folks - we've got some news!

💸 $14M Series A to Redefine the Business Phone

We're thrilled to announce our $14M Series A funding round, led by Craft Ventures, with participation from Y Combinator, Slow Ventures, Kindred Ventures, Garage Capital, and a group of incredible angel investors.

This is a huge milestone for us as we continue on our mission to build the world’s most delightful, reliable, and smartest business phone platform.

If this sounds exciting to you, consider applying as we're hiring across the board.

Our CEO Mahyar reflected on today's milestone on our blog - check it out.

With this announcement, we are also launching our biggest product update yet. It's live on Product Hunt today ⤴️

Here's what's new.

💬 Group messaging

You probably use group chats to talk to friends and family. Now you can communicate in groups on OpenPhone too. Save time and keep everyone on the same page. Plus, it's fun. Especially if you love sending GIFs as much as we do.

Group Message.png

👋 Direct messaging

Need help from your team? You can quickly DM your teammates right from the app to make collaboration faster for everyone.

You can now see when your teammates are online or away. Even better - set a custom status to share what you're up to. Maybe you're on a call with a customer or taking your dog for a walk.

If your colleagues aren't on OpenPhone yet, it's a good time to invite them 😉

DM Convo.png

🌍 International calling and messaging

Many of you requested the ability to call and text people outside of the US & Canada. Good news - you can now call and text anyone in the world, at low rates. Enjoy!

📈 Analytics and reporting

How much time did you spend talking to customers last week? What's the busiest time of the day for your team? Get insight into these and more with OpenPhone analytics. Available as a part of our new $25 per user per month Premium plan.

OpenPhone Dashboard.png

🔍 Search

You can now find any contact, message, activity, or voicemail transcript easily. Try it out, it's pretty magical.

Search Experience.png

⚡️ Integrations with HubSpot and Zapier

If you use HubSpot CRM, we've got more good news. You can now see a full picture of your customer interactions and sync data between both systems. Get early access ⤴️

And through our Zapier integration, you can connect OpenPhone to thousands of applications you use. Airtable, Typeform, Intercom, Zendesk, you name it. If you hate manual work and want your tools to work nicely together, apply for access here ⤴️

📹 Send videos, GIFs, and all sorts of files

We now support sending all types of files. Try it! If you love sending GIFs like us, type '/giphy' to pick the one that perfectly suits your conversation.

😍 Tons of UX improvements

As you'll be able to tell very quickly, all our OpenPhone applications look much cleaner and more streamlined. And we have a brand new website. There are lots of little details we've worked on to delight you. Here are some of them.

  • Give your phone number an emoji symbol to help you and your team distinguish it among all other numbers in your workspace. It's also way more fun!
  • Set an outgoing caller ID for your number to control what shows up when you call
  • To easily access the command bar no matter where you are in the web & desktop apps, type Command + K

Command Bar.png

🚀 Live on Product Hunt

Our entire team is available to answer any questions on Product Hunt today. Check us out and let us know what you think. We appreciate your support. ♥️

Go to Product Hunt ⤴️

🙏 Thank you!

From the early days of OpenPhone, we've been incredibly fortunate to have awesome customers like you on our side. You're the reason we wake up every day to keep building and improving. We wouldn't be here without your support and we're excited to continue this journey together.

As always, we'd love to hear what you think. Let us know how we can make OpenPhone better for you.